HOLY CRAP! Valiya Iriss, the heroine in the upcoming space shooter action game STRIKE HARBINGER, will be a playable character in FX-Unit Yuki : The Henshin Engine!


The Strike Harbinger team and Saru Studio have a friendly relationship and have noticed similarities with the character aesthetics and thought it would be a great idea for us to have Valiya playable in FX-Unit Yuki : The Henshin Engine. Yuki will also appear in Strike Harbinger in some capacity as well, more news on that later so make sure to follow the Strike Harbinger page located at:  http://www.strikeharbinger.com/ to find out more!

Coincidentally enough, our games were also featured in the same Happy Console Gamer video. Johnny Millenium talks about the things that he likes about the two games and how he relates to them. Watch that video here:

And remember, our Kickstarter is still live and we are very close to our funding goal! So make sure to share with all your friends!