UPDATED 2/28/2020

*****PRICE CUT FROM 49.99 to 39.99******

*******ATTENTION – This Dreamcast game is a MIL-CD and will only work with Dreamcasts that are MIL-CD compatible. Please read the following article for more information:


HOLY CRAP! FX Unit Yuki DC this week is shipping for Kickstarter folk and preorders will begin shipping next! There are are still copies available of the 2nd Run PC Engine versions. ??

FX Unit Yuki for the Dreamcast is here! It’s available for Order for $39.99 USD. Price cut from 49.99′

This is the Sarumaru US Version.

All other versions will be announced later in the future.

If you have any questions, please email us at @fxunityuki@gmail.com.

**UPDATED  12/07/2020***

We have moved! if you want to buy the game visit