FX-Unit Yuki : The Henshin Engine The  GAME continues where the comic leaves off. FX-Unit Yuki : The Henshin Engine for the PC-Engine/TurboGrafx-16 is set to release in the first quarter of 2017. a 2D action platformer running on REAL classic gaming hardware for a true Retro-Experience!

Download the PC Engine/TuboGrafx 16 3-stage demo now! CLICK HERE!
The zip file contains the BIN/CUE files you will need to burn the game demo. you can use programs such as ImgBurn (which is free) to burn the files to disc. It is recommended that you burn at the slowest speed possible if you are planning to play it in your PC Engine or TurboGrafx-16 game console.

Don’t have a PC Engine/TuboGrafx 16? No problem! Play the game with the Magic Engine for your PC!




The very first playable prototype was presented at this years TurboFest at Midwest Gaming Classic 2016 (MGC) to a room full of PC-Engine and TurboGrafx-16 enthusiasts. Although the demo of the game is a very early gameplay engine prototype, it was well received by those who played the game with onlookers praising the game for its visual appeal and great controls. The video promo is an early gameplay build for the demo that will be playable at LVL UP Expo in Las Vegas, NV in May.



Program/Code:  Rover

Not only is Rover an avid old-school gamer, he’s an old-school game coder to boot! As a matter of fact, his passion for coding started at only 9 years old, he’s been coding ever since, doing work as a contracted programmer on top of coding and making his own games.  His early inspirations were home consoles like the Commodore 64 and the Atari 2600 but would later discover the TurboGrafx-16 (PC Engine). A console that he would go on to cherish to this very day. in 2012, he lead a team in creating a PC Engine/TG-16 game by the name of Mysterious Song. His own re-imagining of the PC game. A turn-based RPG, one of the few complete after-market retail releases on the system.  In 2015, Rover partnered up with Sarumaru to be the coder of FX-Unit Yuki : The Henshin Engine The Game as their first game together. Keep an eye out for more projects where we will see the handy-work of Rover in the near future.

Artist/Pixels: Sarumaru (Saru)

Video games along with anime from the 80’s and 90’s heavily inspired Saru’s artwork and ever since, he’s always wanted to be involved with video games that have that anime-flair. In 2008, Saru was chosen to design a mascot for an online music-rhythm game, Osu! Click and Rhythm, Saru finally got to see his art in a game that thousands would see. In 2015, Saru would go on to create the Instagram webcomic, FX-Unit Yuki : The Henshin Engine which is based on his favorite console, the PC Engine. Saru was first introduced to the PC Engine in 1990 at a Los Angeles shop by the name of Pony Toy. In 1991, he was finally able to get a TurboGrafx-16 and the CD attachment later that year and has been obsessed with the PC Engine ever since. This is the main reason that FX-Unit Yuki : The Henshin Engine is being developed for the TurboGrafx/PC Engine first.

Composition/BGM:  Simon Johansson (Garbled Waves)

The Swedish freelance producer Simon Johansson brings his unique musical touch to the FX-Unit Yuki : The Henshin Engine project. From electronic melodies to metal, Simon will deliver that sound. Simon has also worked on many independent projects including Osu! Stream, a music-rhythm game on iOS. Music so good, you’re going to want to play with your headphones on.

Background Artist/Design:  Justin Cheer (BlackTiger)

For some time now, Justin has been involved with other retro-game related projects. More notably, Frozen Utopia’s Mysterious Song and Eponasoft’s Lucretia Demon Princess. Currently, he designs the majority of the background elements for FX-Unit Yuki : The Henshin Engine.

Social Media/Webmaster:  Jesse Hernandez (FluffersMcFluff)

Public Relations/Social Media : Elsie Muniz (Equuskia)

Primary Testers:

Gabriel Lazo

Special Thanks:

Ryan Tanner
For being a representative for Saru Studio at a show we could not attend personally.

Gredler (Greg B.)
For helping us out of a pinch in the beginning. Thank you so much.

Much of the early development discussions happened here. A good resource for TurboGrafx/PC Engine related content.

Josh runs the “TurboFest” events in the Midwest and it was TurboFest where FX-Unit Yuki : The Henshin Engine made it’s first playable public debut.

Rubén Vaquer Montes
Not only is Ruben a super dedicated fan to the FX-Unit Yuki : The Henshin Engine project,  he also helps promote H.E. all around Spain and the web. He is also the proof reader for H.E. the webcomic in Spanish.


Playable Demo:

Don’t have a PC ENGINE, but want to play our Demo? Then take a look at Magic Engine, it is the recommended program for PC Engine emulation. Please check it out!


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